Crossing off ZG

I reached a “bucket” goal today. The Zandalar Tribe is going away in 4.0.3 and seeing my reputation sit at Revered, I decided to work on it while still farming for the ZG mounts (2 years, off and on.) Two resets of farming trash for Bijous and Coins net enough Reputation for Exalted.
I’m at 8015 achievements points now. In my guild, the only other person close is Math. I initiated a competition going on with him when I decided to overtake his lead as #1 in the guild. Hopefully in Cataclysm, the competition will flare up more with more achievements out there.
I’m currently slackingworking on Loremaster of Kalimdor. Kalimdor and EK are the last two left and with 4.0.3 around the corner, I figured I should race to finish it. We’ll see how progress goes. I’m at 445/700 Kalimdor today.

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