Intro Post!

Hello! My name is Alimony, and I am a prot/holy paladin from Azgalor – US.
I also play a bear/cat druid named Allimony (original, I know) and a huntar named Alandrea who is just an abused side alt for Alchemy.

I have decided to create a blog to follow suit with my other guildies from Stands in Bad. They are successful bloggers and I decided, maybe I should try writing a WoW blog too!

What will my blog be about?
It’ll be an e-peen fest.

No, not really. I am a competitive person by nature so I will be talking about competition in WoW – Raiding, PvPing, and AchievementsAcheesements.

I hope to fill this up with some entertaining posts of my adventure in WoW.

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