Loremaster and Patch Day

I finished Loremaster a few days ago before today’s shattering patch. In short, it took me a little over 2-3 weeks to finish while questing on and off daily. I turned in my last quest at King Varian Wyrnn’s throneroom for Easter Kingdoms.

As for other achievements, I got my Ulduar drake last week too! Thanks to my friends in Stands in Bad for working together. This puts me at 83/100 mounts now. I need to finish Argent Tourney eventually, and get the other pvp mounts. I’ll work on it sometimes.

In other news, the shattering hit today. Before I logged last night, I parked most of my toons in special places. My druid is parked in Darnassus by Tyrande waiting for Malfurion Stormrage. I logged my pally off in her Judgement armor at Light’s Hope Chapel. If you’re one of the lazy butts on Azgalor who didn’t move in time, my mage Liriope will be selling portals! Yes, I am totally taking advantage of slowpokes in Dalaran. Is that a bad thing? Maybe. I’m not sure what I will be doing first when I log in. I’m more inclined to run around on my pally (and pray to god my Charger is not an Exarch Elekk) and explore the changes.

I also visited Old Blanchy and Farmer Fulbrow before the shattering. I won’t spoil this but let’s just say…CSI.

And for my competition in SiB? Mister Math is about 150~ behind me ever since I overtook his lead a month ago. Might want to start catching up soon!

I’ve been sorely tempted to make “guides” or “john fucking madden” charts for holy pally pvp, prot pally, feral cat, and feral bear druids. The guide of kicking ass and taking names? Or the guide of “L2P, I’m better than you!” (in the words of my guildies.)

Also, can WoW pls to be up faster? I might actually go back to playing Dragon Age: Origins to stare at more Leliana x Morrigan.

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1 Response to Loremaster and Patch Day

  1. Eva says:

    Leliana hands down. I’m a bit of a francophile though.

    And the OMGTUSKS!!! elekks are far better than the plain ole chargers.

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