Algalon Down!

In my 3 years of WoW and 2 and a half of raiding, I have never managed to finish all the bosses in one expansion. During TBC, I finished every boss except for Kil’Jaeden. Tonight, my guild and I decided to bang our heads against Algalon to finish the last boss we needed to see in Wrath of the Lich King – once and for all.
I had the pleasure of tanking him – while there was a lot of oh shit moments such as going in a black hole too early or using CDs too early, we got him in around 5 or so tries. This fight is epic though being overgeared helped. I can’t imagine doing it with 226 gear well over a year ago. Kudos to those people.
I hope we can kill him a few more times before the expansion drops!

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4 Responses to Algalon Down!

  1. Eva says:

    Fun fight. Of course the kill attempt was the one I screwed up on :(.

  2. Krikket says:


    (I love you guys. I really do.)

  3. Kotakh says:

    I’m very happy about that Starcaller title.

    As you say Jill…how the hell did people killed him in ilvl 226 gear…omg so much damage all around.

  4. Eva says:

    Oh the damage was insane. Even when I figured out that I needed to turn back on projected textures to see Cosmic Smashes and started avoiding them they were still taking off like half my life when AMS was down (and giving me a nice dps boost when AMS was up). Thankfully just having projected textures on still let my computer work. Normally I can run WoW with mostly good/fair settings, but Algalon kills my computer :(.

    On a side note, it’s kind of hilarious how much he loved me when I had my spell effects all the way down. It’s like he knew I couldn’t see Cosmic Smash and kept putting it right under me. I got hit directly by it those first couple attempts at least 5 times if not more.

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